DMY Electronics Investments

Message from the Founders

Considering DMY group of companies overall, you will notice that most of them are operating in the electronics industry. The reason is that, we accumulated strong experience and grew in this industry since the very beginning – since 1980’s – and became center of attraction with our know-how and capabilities. Naturally , taking action from the business that “we know best” , we found ourselves in front of a group of companies and affiliates that we partner or hold – mostly in the electronics and also close industries  (electrics, automation, energy, etc.) – that we can possibly add value and create synergy.

Our main vision and mentality is to “create value”, by merging our energy and know-how with the ones that we can collaborate with and make them grow ; respecting laws, ethics and human values.

Our country – situated in a strategic location and possessing a unique cultural and historical diversity  – is one of the most favorable countries to an entrenepreneurship ecosystem, offering many advantages to endeavoring professionals that follow global developments and try to do their best about their business.

Technological developments are running faster every day – locally and globally – and are creating new business areas ; destroying the companies that cannot adjust themselves to it.
Taking this same vision as our roadmap, we took the appropriate steps and decisions since the very beginning of our career in the early 80’s in our 60 m2 basement, and were able to implement sustainable growth until today, with our affiliates and group companies.

Today, we do our best to create a group of companies that Turkey will be proud of,  hand in hand with our business partners and employees in which we trust and we believe in their fast growth and potential.  Today in the “incubation period”, our group companies will certainly be pioneers in their fields in the near future, creating employment areas and added value to the national economy. Our target is to “excel & be the best” in every business area in which we operate. We and our business partners have the ambition, abilities and capabilities in line with this target.

As DMY Electronic Investments, we will always  target one step ahead, following the requirements of the business ecosystem and technological advancements of the day, with continous energy to make our group companies grow and being open to new partnerships, bright ideas, ventures in which we can add and create value.
With ambition, energy and passion in our business…

Davut Yurttaş & Mustafa Yurttaş