DMY Electronic Investments’

Affiliates and Subsidiaries

Özdisan Elektronik Logo

Özdisan Elektronik A.Ş. was founded in 1980. Since its establishment it has demonstrated remarkable growth performance and became the leading electronic components distributor in Turkey, serving products and R & D solutions to various industries , professionals, engineers, universities and students.

Özdisan Bursa

Özdisan Bursa is a subsidiary of Özdisan Elektronik & Inform in Bursa Region ; serving UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), electronics, automation, power electronics, components to a wide range of industries.

SAT Group is a TFT LCD panel & TFT LCD display module manufacturer , with 11 years of experience , based in China.

Savior Automation offers industrial automation products & solutions for a wide range of sector ; Buildings ( shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, airports, offices, ..), Power plants (co-generation, hydroelectric, wind, solar power, ..), Water plants (DWTP, WWTP, Pumping stations , .. ), and other segments (marine, lift, oil & gas, machine control.

Alpke A.Ş. is a copper / alumunium wire production and insulation company , headquartered in Istanbul, with branch offices in Ankara and İzmir, TURKEY ; founded in 2010 as a trading company then becoming a munafacturer by acquiring a company specialised in the same industry since 1979.

Alga Engineering , founded in 1990, is a pioneer in accumulator supply, with its long-term brand partnerships ; PANASONIC, YUASA, FIAMM, DISCOVER, EXIDE, CGB and its own accumulator brand USB.

Founded in 1980 as a manufacturer of electronic devices, Assan Elektronik is a Pioneer in LED lighting systems production and continues leading its industry, expanding its business to PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and LED luminaires production and investing 15 % of its yearly turnover to Research & Development.

DMY Elektronik Enerji Petrol İnşaat Turizm Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., invests, operates and manages in construction, tourism and real-estate business areas and serves a collaborator and consultant for DMY Electronic Investment group companies.

Terra Pharmaceuticals; operating since 1998, continues contributing to human health with a wide range of treatment areas ;

Satelcom offers engineering solutions & products for telecommunications and satellite industries infrastructure.

Founded in 1970, Na-de is the leader in the motion sensors & sensorlight in Turkey. Lighting , audio & video intercom systemsare among the products that Na-de offers.

DMY Electronic Investments , is investing in renewable Energy, constructing Solar Power Plants (GES) in Turkey.

DMY Shipping is the owner of bulk carrier fleets – 30,000 dwt capacity ships owned and operated in a Handysize Pool and trading worldwide in all major ports.

DMY International Technologic Investment Inc. operates at investing in technological products & services locally and globally.

Founded in 2004, Yapı Energy is managing turn key electrical and mechanical contracting projects & engineering solutions in the construction area.

11 years of experience;2800 m² closed area ; Electronic board production for various industries: R & D , preparatory work for production.

36 years of experience; Your Reliable Partner for Uninterruptable Power Supply ; Considerable R & D Investments

42 years of experience; Leading solution provider company on power electronics focused on specialized & customized engineering solutions.

DMY Electronic Investments – with its core mission of “creating value” – will continue to follow the developments and technological advancaments in Turkey and in global, and will continue to invest in companies.