Alpke Metal Makine İletken Elektrik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Alpke A.Ş. is a copper / alumunium wire production and insulation company , headquartered in Istanbul, with branch offices in Ankara and İzmir, TURKEY ; founded in 2010 as a trading company then becoming a munafacturer by acquiring a company specialised in the same industry since 1979.

Alpke offers its customers a wide range of products – bare aluminium & bare copper wire, fiberglass, enamel, daglas, kapton, Kraft paper, mica, nomex insulated conductors -and tailor-made solutions.

Alpke became one of the main players in local market , soon expanding its business to international markets (export to more than 30 countries) – serving more than 60 global customers.